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Helene Goldnadel - Building Confidence through Empowerment

We all want our children to eventually become independent and to make good choices all on their own. While they may not always make the right choices every time, making mistakes isn't as detrimental to their personal growth as a parent who makes all their decisions for them. A child who has been taught to be confident in their choices will be able to resist dangers like peer pressure and bullying. So how do you teach your children to make the right decisions? It all starts with empowerment.

Empowerment means your child feels like he has some form of control over his life and that he can make his own good decisions. Obviously, letting a four-year-old make all their own decisions isn't a good idea (unless you are okay with ice cream for every meal and no bedtime). However there are different ways you can empower your child at any age.

For younger children, empowerment simply means letting them make a few small decisions that make them feel confident about themselves. Giving them the power of choice makes them feel like they are in control. Something as small as letting him pick out which shirt he wants to wear can improve your child's self image.

For elementary aged children, from around age eight to age 13, empowerment is all about trust. Children at this age crave their parents' trust. Knowing that you trust them to do something makes them feel more mature and responsible. Showing your children you trust those means you may have to let go a bit more than you're used to. For example, instead of calling them to check up on them when they are home without you, leave it up to them to call you. This is a small step to take that gives you some piece of mind while showing them you trust them. The older they get, the more trust you should show them. They should always earn your trust by following through with the responsibilities you have given them.

Once your children reach high school age, most of the values you want to instill in your children are already in place. Now your job is primarily to guide them in making the right decisions and be there for them when they need you. At this stage empowerment is all about respect. You teenager wants to know that you respect him. This means showing respect for their choices even if you don't agree with them. The type of music they listen to or the clothes they wear may not appeal to you, but it is important that you respect their individuality. This will enhance their self image and enable them to respect you and others.

Giving your child choices, trust and respect is crucial for their development and for their safety. A child that feels empowered and confident knows how to say no, how to stand up to a bully and how to avoid peer pressure. Does this mean your child will always make the right decisions? Of course not. We all make mistakes, even adults. It is your job as a parent to help guide them in making good choices and, unfortunately, to help them understand the consequences of bad choices. Your children should know that they can go to you with any problem they feel they cannot deal with alone. When you empower your children they feel confident that they can do that without feeling embarrassed.

Also you can consult Ms. Helene Goldnadel a life coach and a singing teacher who has empowered many lives especially children. HG Nadel has been working with children in voice placement, voice projection and has kept countless young performers from the painful damage which vocalist experience when they do not sing from the diaphragm.

HG Nadel has taught children age four and up how to sing and her various levels of expertise in vocal expression have a lot to do with the ability to sing from the diaphragm.

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